A climbing rack in a park with wood chips underneath.


Are you interested in a greener and fairer Canada? Then you might want to look into the Green Party of Canada. We are the Green Party Ottawa West – Nepean or in short the “OWN Green Party”. Covering an area west of Ottawa Centre, this is a largely suburban neighbourhood with both attractive greenspace and unattractive arterial roads and dated shopping malls.

The Ottawa West Nepean Green Party promotes both the provincial Green Party of Ontario and the federal Green Party of Canada. You can find most information on their respective websites, but on this page we add some local content to keep you informed.

Volunteers are the back bone of political organisations, especially on a riding level. If you would like to work on a project, even it is only once a year for a few hours, we want to talk to you. Introverts and extraverts, policy and marketing folks, everyone is welcome, because not everyone enjoys talking to people at the front door and not everyone enjoys staring at a screen.